Monday, October 26, 2009

Overdose- two in one day!

In an effort to keep my goal of shorter blogs, I’m posting 2 :)
I just can’t seem to get the goal of blogging more often to come to fruition.

KWISHURI- Students are back at school after it being shut down all of last week. “Why? Swine Flue.” (In the words of my principal). Yes, swine flu has entered the country of Rwanda, and we had a few cases among students here. While school was shut down by the Minister of Health, there was a testing site on campus so families could come in and find out who had swine flu. (I had a cold so I was a bit dramatic and went to get tested- came back negative :) )
In other school news, I’m supposed to hire and train 4 reading tutors in the next 3 weeks…pray for applicants.

MURUGO- I’m reading God Work by Randy Harris right now, and I just want to say how elementary school teachers and librarians can tell you that reading a book is like traveling to another place/time- it’s true! I spend the 15 minute Silent Sustained Reading time we have at school and I literally feel like I’m in Abilene, Texas. He’s not really describing the surroundings, so it isn’t quite a visualizing thing…it is more of a mindset. The thoughts I’m having and experiences I’m relating it to make me feel like I’m in a class at ACU again…it is such a “homey” feeling.

NDUMIWE! I’m shocked because I found something incredible. We have a small bedroom on our house we didn’t know about!! When I get around to the picture tour of our house it will for sure be included. I LOVE special “areas”…I’m kind of a spatial person…and I haven’t found any exceptional places in our house yet (especially because I can’t hang up the hammock! uhhh). So, you can imagine that after living in a house for a month I was quite surprised and elated to find this wonderful little room :)

UMUGABO- I’m still pretending that Alpha is my boyfriend, despite the fact that he doesn’t even know my name. He pantomimed for me to call him, so I’m sure it’s love. Now, if I can only track down his digits…

KURIRIMBE- I’ve partially joined an Anglican choir. For anyone who knows me, this is really ridiculous. My accomplice, ishumi Cady, is a full-fledged robe-wearing member. I’m what I consider a participant. We go to practices on Friday, bible study and practice on Saturday, and then early for service on Sunday…and honestly this doesn’t feel like too much commitment- it is the best part of the week! I don’t want to get up in front of the church and sing…so I offered to be a part-time power point slide clicker.