Thursday, January 22, 2009


this is our next CD album cover
This elephant just walked right past our car amazing!
Leaving the Serengeti! (it was chilly that morning and the top was off the vehicle)
Yes, that is a real live lioness just laying in the Africa grassland...we watched her crouch down and move towards a herd of zebras and wildebeests for about an hour!

This is just the regular state of this group...
eating dinner the first night at the camping site on the rim of the Ngorongoro crater

the baboon that snuck in and stole our bananas right out of our vehicle!!
Liz, Cady, Jess, Me, and Marissa, all ready to leave on safari!
Rwandan Christmas tree decorating at its finest.
Shannon and I celebrating Christmas!
Shannon and Cady
When Shannon arrived in Kigali!!
the december, Yvan, Raoul, Cady, Skizzy, Jenny, and Patrick...(Yvan and Skizzy might be in Minnesota for school next year)
This is Albert!
Ladies night out!
I'm all ready for my first conferences :)
Kimironko Market
Cady and I peeking through the corn growing outside our gate!!
Shannon and I at Bourbon!
Cady, me, Serge, and Liz
N'Dolis, the best supermarket around
This is the place I buy my electricty...its prepay, so I get a code and punch it into the meter
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