Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just For KICS

I’ve officially passed the one month mark! A week ago yesterday I had been a Rwandan resident for a month. The internet provider has been down almost every evening now for close to a week, and our router blew because of a power surge at home…so that is why it has been so long. In fact, I’m typing on a Word document to have saved for the next time I can get the internet. Getting the internet set up at our home was literally a miracle! You know, one of my friends who has lived in Africa said her blogs started about ideas and dreams and culture, and soon a friend told her they had digressed to the weather and what she ate that day. While I don’t want to neglect sharing about my experiences in a way that has a little depth…I should mention as a warning for the coming months that what I get to eat can truly feel like the event of the day. But, lucky for my regular readers, I’ll always have a class- and that means I’ll always have at least a story to tell.

First of all, I hope you paid close attention to the title of this entry. I know it may sounds cheesy- but I’m pretty proud of that play on words. (for those of you who may not know, KICS stands for Kigali International Community School) Now, I’ve been thinking of how to make the most of using that title…and that definitely means including many pictures. I’ve been attempting a good class picture- and it has been difficult. But I think I’m ready to just upload what I’ve got. I have a small class of only 7 students…and I’ve also taken more pictures of my classroom. When I first arrived I took pictures of the transformation of the room from day to day during my week of preparation…but then I never quite felt like it was ready for the “after” picture. So, I kept putting it off. Then I realized that it will never look like the most perfect first grade classroom I could ever envision, so I better start snapping away anyways. Since uploading takes here I'm only including one "before" picture.

Last year this room was used for 4th grade...the desks are so high and they are set up in rows.

Progress- I've lowered the desks, set them up in tables, and am now sorting through K and 1 books and curriculum, and put up a bulletin board

This is what my room looks like now...that is the alphabet chart with phonic pictures that the class made up on the wall, we have a calendar area with small rugs, the bookcase, and word wall

This is from the other corner of the room- my textbook shelf and my desk in the corner

This is the white board- it is white paint on the wall with plastic covering to use as a wipe away surface. The best thing in this picture is the pocket chart! I love it!

Thats all for now because my internet code is about to run out again- and I don't want to wait for pictures to load again! More soon...and please feel free to email me :) I love keeping updated on the small details of your lives as well!