Saturday, August 16, 2008

We made it!

I am officially in my new city! Kigali is beautiful, just like all the pictures I've seen. I'm sitting in the middle of the courtyard of our school building using the wireless connection because for some reason we couldn't connect in a coffee shop. If it weren't after 10pm here, and if I had taken my camera with me, then I'd definitely have a picture of the view from the school uploaded right away! I'm glad we came here at night because the school sits on top of a hill that overlooks a lot of the city and the lights everywhere looks really neat.
I left Minneapolis on August 14th at 6:45pm, spent the night in DC, got up and flew out of Dulles at 10am and landed here in Kigali just before noon today! I've got to go, but wanted everyone to know I made it safely and will be writing some of the highlights very soon.