Monday, July 7, 2008

I hear the grass is greener...

...on the other side of the world! I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a first grade teacher at Kigali International Community School in Rwanda! I've heard that Rwanda is called the Land of a Thousand Hills and that because of how green the terrain is it has also been called the Land of Eternal Spring. I'm looking forward to working with other Christians, meeting children of many nations, joining a great church, making new friends, and being pulled and stretched out of my comfortable world and into the Lord's growing kingdom in Africa.
So, I followed the next logical step of creating a blog to share with family and friends. I will try to post updates as well as send email newsletters and keep up with everyone through facebook and skype as well. I'm just getting started with this blog, and I plan to post more information about the school and the country soon.
Please pray for for God to use me and grow me mightily in Kigali. Please pray that the Lord will bless me with the ability to be an excellent teacher for each student in my classroom. Please also pray for the families and church members I will meet. My desire is to bring glory to Jesus by following his example in the way I live and teach in Kigali. I will also need prayers of comfort and courage as I travel so far away from family and friends. I appreciate your prayers and have faith that God is going to be providing for me in all ways as He leads me. Thank you!